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Aage Birck – 1941 – Ceramist.                                                                                Danish version

Since 1965 - workshop together with ceramist and sculptor  Heidi Guthmann Birck.

In the later years I have worked with sculptures in stoneware and done site specific

commissions in public areas. Parallel to that I have continued my experimentations

with glazes and firing methods. I concentrate on sculptures with worked in “ready made”

items mostly in the form of craftsman’s tools.  >3


My aim is the perfect balance between the chosen object and the ceramic form, exploiting  

the special expression of the salt glaze. 


A second field, in which I am engaged, is the unglazed sculpture combined with fragments of

corroded iron and stamped geometrical signs. Fired in a saggar together with reduction

material the surface achieves colours in shades of black and grey which give the sculpture a

burned out character. The straight lines and sharp edges provide the sculptures an

architectonical mark.  >2


A third field is my facetted vase with classical oriental iron glazes or salt glaze. They are

build up with slaps into multi edged forms.  >1


Sometime the edges have an oblique angle to the base and the lines change angle between

body and neck, which at the same time give the vase a perfect balance or a disturbing                        

crookedness depending from the angle from which it is looked upon.


Since 1966 I have done several exhibitions all over Europe and my works are to be found in

several public collections. From 1987 to 1998 I was connected to Kunsthåndværkerskolen

(Designskolen) in Kolding.